Special for Us

Duet olive-oilsare produced from the fruits of our own olive grove, at our own olive squeezing plant. Product flavour and quality are kept to the highest standards for being presented to you.

How do we obtain this flavour?

  • - We grow olive fruits with the right methods.
  • - Fruits are harvested when they start to leave their green colour.
  • - We pick the fruits without allowing them to drop on the ground.
  • - We squeeze picked fruits within 8 hours after harvest.
  • - We perform the squeezing processes with the most suitable mechanical equipment and methods, at temperatures not higher than +27 ̊C.
  • - We keep and store our olive-oil products at 18 ̊C and away from any light or air source.

Thanks to the strict observance of all this technical principles,

we get the excellent EXTRA-VIRGIN olive-oil with an oleic acid content below 0.8%, which preserves the original taste, flavour and vitamins of the olive fruit without any loss.