Different Types of Olive-Oil

Natural Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

It is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree only by mechanical or physical processes at a temperature which does not change the fruit’s natural properties. It has clear, green to yellow colour, specific smell and flavour, and can be consumed as a food product in its natural state.

Refined Olive-Oil

It is processed through the refining, deodorization, resin removal and bleaching processes. It is also marketed as frying oil in the market. It is not considered suitable for human health since the nutritional value is reduced and important modifications occur in the molecular level. The free acidity grade (oleic acid) is at most 0.3%.

Riviera Olive-Oil

Riviera-type olive-oil is obtained by mixing extra-virgin olive-oil with refined olive-oil at certain proportions (5-20%). Riviera olive-oil is also called "Cooking Type Olive-Oil" because of being more suitable for frying and cooking. Its maximum acid content is 1.5%.