Always with us from the olive grove to the table...

That makes us what we are

Duet olive-oilsare produced from the fruits of our own olive grove, at our own olive squeezing plant. Product flavour and quality are kept to the highest standards for being presented to you.

As many as 80,000 trees on 2,000 acres...

A forest of olive trees

The 80,000 trees springing to life in the territory of Mevlütlü village of Salihli district in Manisa province constitute the bases of Duet branded olive oils.

Extra virgin (Natürel)

Olives collected before full ripening (early harvest) are squeezed by use of cold squeezing methods, which in turn ensures acidity levels lower than %0.8 for this type of oils. In this“excellent” type of olive-oil, the taste, smell and vitamins of the olive fruit are preserved without any loss. This type of olive-oil, being very suitable for consumption as raw without being cooked, will give better taste and resultswhen used directly on fish, salads or boiled vegetables.