Production Facilities

Duet Olive Squeezing Plant with 1.200 m2 closed area is located in Salihli Organized Industrial Zone. The production line of the plant, which was built by use of the most advanced technologies, is equipped with the world's most reputable olive squeezer OLIOMIO. The company’s 450-tonnes stainless steel storage tanks are locatedin air-conditioned rooms in order to maintain the best flavour.

We use the latest technologies in the post-production collection, storage, processing and storage stages to ensure that our brand image is reinforced and Sardes products are safely consumed by our customers with peace of mind. In addition, we include plenty of testing and inspection steps in all of these stages. Apart from chemical analyses, we are able to offer the same flavour in every drop of Sardes Olive-Oils thanks to taste control measures in the production line.

Sardes Agriculture, aiming to present the most delicious and refined flavours of the nature, shows maximum sensitivity in filtering the wastes generated during the production processes and avoiding environmental impacts. Through corporate systems that encourage recycling, we try to fulfill our responsibilities to the future, by protecting both the nature and the national economy.